Hi, my name's Summer, I'm from Canada, in Grade 12, and I'm taken by an amazing guy! Weed, cats and music are my thing ✌️Follow me on Instagram! - summer_pressley 📷

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theboybeneaththebeanie asked:

You seem real cool, I hope your mom gets better:)

Thank you! :)


I miss waking up to this :(
Help a Family in Need - GoFundMe


Hi guys! I just made this donation page because of what happened to us. We were crop robbed last night. They took everything. That was supposed to be our money to make it through the year. My mom has cancer and she was counting on this money to feed us and get to her appointments and pay off our $2,500 hydro bill that is about to be cut off, even then the winter is coming up fast… Today I watched my parents cry. My heart’s never hurt so fucking much, that’s something a kid never wants to see.. Please, if there’s anything anyone can do, every dollar would be beyond appreciated.. 😔

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Isn’t she the cutest puppy in the whole world 😍

They wreak of grapefruit and taste delicious <3

Sesh with Nick  

Shatter snake slithering through grass;)

Makin’ clouds 😉☁️👍





At 130$ now :) thanks to the 7 of you that’ve donated!! ❤️☺️

To donate click here! http://www.gofundme.com/ek24f8

zendigo just donated $100 and I’m almost in tears we’re at $230 now! :’)

$250 :) halfway there!

$265 :)

325$ !!!!

Reached $500, I’m going to see how much more I can raise for them so I raised the goal to $750 if yous would still like to donate :)


My new bae is 50% wolf and perfect.